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Information Technology

Intro to Digital Photography


with Dane Hustead

Calendar Mar 22, 2023 at 5 pm, runs for 4 weeks

The instructor for this great informative and educational class is actually an instructor for ASUMH credited courses in Photography and related topics. The course will have 4 parts:

Part 1 - Perspective and Composition    January 17, 2023

Part 2 - Camera Setting and Light  January 24, 2023

Part 3 - Portraits          January 31, 2023

Part 4 - Landscapes  February 7, 2023

Each students needs to bring a digital camera or phone with apps that can control aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

Microsoft Word- Intermediate


with Melanie Lueck

Calendar Mar 29, 2023 at 2:30 pm, runs for 2 weeks

Work more efficiently by automating certain tasks and maintaining consistency between documents. Create more complex documents that include lists, tables, charts, graphics, and newsletter layouts. Plus, merge data into documents to personalize correspondence and address envelopes/labels. Creating professional-looking documents can help you give your organization a competitive edge. Implementing time-saving features such as document templates and automated mailings helps your organization reduce expenses. Mastering these techniques will make you a valued employee in your organization.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Organize content using table and charts
  • Customize formats using styles and themes
  • Insert content using quick parts
  • Use templates to automatic document formatting
  • Control the flow of a document
  • Simplify and manage long documents
  • Use mail merge to create letters, envelopes, and lables


This is one class with two different meeting dates and different materials will be taught during the sessions. 


March 29, 2023

April 5, 2023

Microsoft Excel-Advanced


with Melanie Lueck

Calendar May 10, 2023 at 2:30 pm, runs for 2 weeks

Your experience to date with Microsoft® Excel gives you a solid foundation with this software. This class builds upon the knowledge presented in the Microsoft® Office Excel® Basic and Intermediate classes to help you get the most of your Excel experience. This course covers Excel’s more advanced features—automating common tasks, auditing workbooks to avoid errors, sharing your data with others, analyzing data and using Excel data in other applications. Use Excel to actually solve problems for your business. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, automate complex or repetitive tasks, and use conditional logic to construct and apply elaborate formulas and functions will put the full power of Excel right at your fingertips. The more you learn about how to get Excel to do the hard work for you, the more you’ll be able to focus on getting the answers you need from the vast amounts of data your organization generates.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Work with multiple workbooks and worksheets
  • Use Lookup functions and formula editing
  • Share and protect workbooks
  • Automate workbook functionality
  • Create sparklines and map data
  • Forcast data

Microsoft Word- Advanced


with Melanie Lueck

Calendar Jun 14, 2023 at 2:30 pm, runs for 2 weeks

Microsoft® Word enables you to do far more than simple word processing. Word includes advanced image manipulation tools, collaboration features, cross-referencing and linking tools, entry forms and data collection, security features, and tools to automate document production.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use images in a document
  • Creat custom graphic elements
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Add reference marks and notes
  • Secure a document
  • Create and manipulate forms
  • Create macros to automate tasks


This is one class with two different meeting dates and different materials will be taught during the sessions. 


June 14, 2023

June 21, 2023


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