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Self Improvement

Basic Spanish for Travelers- Beginner Level


with Vanesa Roberts

Calendar Feb 21, 2023 at 5:30 pm

Learn some basic Spanish phrases and conversations that every traveler needs to know. Greetings, introductions, going shopping, eating at a restaurant, asking for directions and some phrases for small conversations. Students should be prepared to pronounce Spanish words, practice conversations, and interact with other students and the instructor.

**Note** There will be no classes the week of March 21, 2023 this is Sprping Break.

 Instructor Bio:

Hola! My name is Vanesa Roberts.  I was born and raised in Argentina.  I love learning about different cultures and the magic of language.  I started teaching in Argentina and with all the years I have already been in the USA, I add up to over 20 years of experience in the field of education.  In my free time, I like to be with my family.  We love to travel, and whenever we have a chance, we go camping and hiking.  Bakeries are a must-stop at our destinations, especially those with European or Argentine-style pastries. Let’s say that music, friends, adventure, faith, as well as dancing, baking, teaching, laughing, and spending tons of time with my family makes me the person I am today.  What about you?  Are you ready for this Spanish adventure?  Let’s do it! 

Heavy Metals in the Environment = Heavy Metals in Us!


with Paige Wolfe

Calendar Apr 25, 2023 at 5:30 pm

Learn about when we started adding the “Toxic Burden” of Heavy Metals to our planet.

How we get them into our bodies and the effects they have on our health!

Instructor Bio:

Born in Vermont, moved to Lake Tahoe, California in 1985 when I was 18.

Walked into a Health Food Store when I was 19 and felt like that was exactly where I belonged!

When I was 26, I had the privilege of working at Whole Foods in L.A. in the Nutrition Dept. for 3 years.

This was an incredible learning experience! Classes every week regarding Nutritional products, sometimes 3X a week!

I was married at the time and although my husband and I Loved our jobs, he was a Chef at the L.A. Country Club...we did NOT love L.A. So, we moved to Wyoming and opened a Restaurant!

Years went by, the Restaurant was a success, but the marriage was not...

I moved to Florida in 2012 and worked for Whole Foods again, in the Nutrition Department! After a year there I moved back to New England to be closer to my family.

Because of my own immune health challenges, I have always been interested in how to make the body stronger to fight off illnesses.

What I learned after about 35 years of research, is that it was not really “rocket science”, that it really came down to the ABC’s and 123’s of Health...Eat Right, Clean Air, Clean Water...all that jazz!

BUT! In 2021 someone opened my eyes to toxins in the environment that our bodies cannot expel very well such as Heavy Metals and VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals)

Now, since June of 2021 I have done a “180” on how I view health. I now know that clean food, air, and water do not exist anymore! We are bombarded by toxins every single day!

Because of my own experiences and thousands of other people and Peer Reviewed studies and Clinical Trials, I now help people take back their health by showing them how they can remove their Toxic Body Burden!

I have been focused on this mission for a year and a half now and it brings me more joy than anything else in my career!

I have a moral obligation to share this information!


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